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About Black FLamingo

Black Flamingo was born in the south of Andalusia, in the city of Malaga, with a very clear goal: to create different garments for today’s woman.

In a society where fast fashion and merely functional garments reign, without style or essence, it is necessary to find a small fashion oasis that allows you to differentiate yourself from the rest. If you want to stop running into women who wears your same clothes (it’s always an awkward moment, right?), if you want to regain the illusion of the habit of dressing and, definitely, feel good wearing clothes that really favors you -or simply because you deserve it- you are in the right shop. At Black Flamingo we offer you versatile, elegant, comfortable and trendy clothes.

Our style is feminine and romantic, with a timeless essence. We recover the traditional bows, lace and ruffles and adapt them to new lines and colors to create actual garments, achieving the perfect combination between the modern and the classic.

Under the premise of offering exclusivity and quality, we create small collections of limited units, consciously manufactured with a highly controlled production process: from the choice of materials and colors, through the pattern and an exhaustive fitting that ensures that the garments fit perfectly, to the final clothes, of which we take care of all the details.

To ensure this total dedication to our garments, we manufacture near home, in a place known worldwide for its textile “savoir faire”: Portugal.

And why “Black Flamingo”? It’s known that only one black flamingo has been sighted around the world throughout history, and this is how our customers can feel while they wear our designs: unique.

As Vivienne Westwood said: “Buy less, choose well, make it last.” Choose Black Flamingo.

By choosing Black Flamingo you share our VALUES:

-100% Spanish design. We believe in fair and national trade.

-Conscious manufacturing. We ensure that ethical and safe working conditions are fulfilled throughout our production process.

-Quality and durability. Our products are made in first class Portuguese factories.

-Exclusivity and originality. We create capsule collections of unique style and limited edition.

-Comfort. Our garments suit different body types thanks to an exhaustive study of sizing.

-Versatility. All our designs are combinable for different occasions.

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